Workflows perform a set of tasks and multiple tasks make up a workflow. There are three main groupings of tasks:

  • Terraform
  • Setup
  • Scripts


Terraform is the task that calls on terraform to perform the init | plan | apply workflow. Those familiar with Terraform are familiar with these steps because it’s at the heart of how terraform is used. In Terraform Operator, each one of these steps is a separate task. The name of each task is also creatively labeled as:

  • init
  • plan
  • apply


No terraform is without setup. The setup task is responsible for downloading the terraform module and any other files required to perform a successful terraform run.


These are special tasks that are executed between Terraform tasks. Terraform users understand that not every terraform workflow is a standalone execution; it would be nice if it was.

Scripts allow users to write their own logic that runs as as a stage in the Terraform Operator workflow. This could include some file manipulation, ensure vars, run tests, or in general, anything.

Modifying and Extending Tasks

To make modification to the executing script of any of the tasks, try and get familiar with the tasks repo This separation of the tasks from the main repo is brand new. More documentation is soon to follow.

Check back soon for a better guide on modifying tasks.